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Wrapper Mica

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About this item:

Mica wrapper is pieces of high quality mica having thickness generally less than 2 mils are classified as condenser films. Thin Mica films are wrapped around the flat part of copper. It plays a vital role in avoiding short circuits and heat transfer prevention during the operation of instruments.


Mica Tubes are available in different size and lengths. Generally, used as a vital component in manufacturing of resistors, control centers, etc. Tubes can withstand temperatures ranging from 130 to 700 degree Celsius for high voltage applications. Mica tubes are fabricated as per customer specifications and drawings.


Mica insulation plate are designed for use in extreme conditions and have very good properties like heat retarding, flame resisting, low thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, high mechanical strength and non toxic. Based on the Mica type used as a base material it is classified as Muscovite or Phlogopite Mica insulation plate. Mica Sheet of various customs size are again used as electrical insulation and thermal Insulations.
Punched mica heater plate are used in toasters, hair dryers, electric rice cookers, electric ovens, microwave ovens, electric sterilizers, electric heating coils, electric irons, electric stoves, gaskets, spacers etc.


Owing to thermal insulation and transparency, it is used as a see-through medium for kerosene stoves, petromax lamps, furnaces, etc.