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Mica Shields and GaugeMica Shields and Gauge
Mica Shields and Gauge
Mica Shields and Gauge

Mica Shields and Gauge

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We are gauge glass mica suppliers, we deliver premium flat transparent glasses, meticulously crafted for excellence. Primarily designed for high-pressure steam boilers, our high-quality glasses guarantee resilience and transparency. Elevate your boiler systems with confidence, knowing you've chosen a product that combines cutting-edge technology with reliability. Trust in our legacy of excellence as you invest in transparency, quality, and the assurance that comes with our superior gauge glass mica – the essential choice for discerning industries.

Our offered products are efficient to provide top-class protection and also advance the service life of the sight glasses under life-threatening steam pressure and at very high temperature. So, if you require high quality gauge glass mica and mica shields for operating under higher pressure and higher temperature, contact Jalan Mica Exports. We have an esteemed clientele across the world whom we supply high quality mica products at affordable rates. We are experts in catering to our clients’ needs.