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Fabricated Mica

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About this item:

Premium Fabricated Mica Sheets for Electrical and Electronic Applications. Crafted with precision, our Fabricated Mica Sheets are produced using advanced techniques such as foot or power press with compound dies, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy in every piece. The mica undergoes meticulous fabrication, with options for hand-shearing and drilling to meet diverse manufacturing requirements.


Key Features:

1. High-Quality Material: Our Fabricated Mica Sheets are made from premium natural mica, ensuring durability and reliability in electrical and electronic applications.

2. Precision Fabrication: Each sheet is crafted with precision using foot or power press techniques and compound dies, resulting in uniform shapes and thicknesses.

3. Versatile Designs: Choose from a wide array of designs, sizes, patterns, and thicknesses to suit your specific needs. Our Fabricated Mica Sheets offer innumerable possibilities for customization.

4. Hand-Shearing and Drilling Options: Tailor the sheets to your exact specifications with the option for hand-shearing and drilling, providing flexibility in your manufacturing processes.


There are three grades of MICA FLAKES which are normally used for specific purposes:

BAKING MICA: These are small cut pieces of mica to be used on both sides of silver mica, to give mechanical strength to mica stacks for building mica capacitors.


MICA DISC: Mica discs provides the best protection to spherical view port glasses and perfect visibility for checking the degree of combustion and liquid level in high pressure steam boilers. It is also used in breathing apparatus, Geiger counters, communication devices, fuses etc.


MICA WASHERS: Mica washers are circular punched natural mica parts with round openings in the center suitable for electrical and electronic applications.
Such natural mica washers can also be bonded into considerable lengths with epoxy or silicone binders to form a solid roll which is called bonded mica washers.


TRANSISTOR MICA: Power transistors and diodes need an insulation to prevent excessive heat reducing their performance; Precision punched mica washers help the transistor to be insulated from the chassis and to dissipate the heat away from the transistor and other semi-conductors.These various shapes of transistor Mica can increase the efficiency of products due to the excellent properties of Mica.


STRAINER CORE: Different shapes of Mica Strainers are available which can be fabricated as per our customer's requirements. Strainers are used in metal casting foundries for aluminum, sand casting, brass, bronze, etc. to pout melted ferrous through mica strainer to separate impurities and control flow of pour rate.Sheet mica having 22 to 93 holes are used as strainers in brass, bronze, aluminium sand castings. Mica strainer, acting as both choked and strainer during pour, helps to eliminate getting casts, dross, contaminated, reduces polishing belt costs, and produces a better and brighter casting. Being inorganic, strainer is easy to place over the sprue hole.