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Mica scrapMica scrapMica scrap
Mica scrap
Mica scrap
Mica scrap

Mica scrap

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Discover the pinnacle of mica excellence with our sourced Mica Scrap, exclusively curated from mines spanning ½ - 1 ½ sq. inch. Meticulously selected for optimal quality, our range is a key player in the manufacturing industries of mica plates and papers. Unleash the potential of these superior scraps, offering unparalleled purity and reliability in every application. Elevate your production standards with the precision and integrity of our Mica Scrap, a testament to our commitment to sourcing excellence and providing a foundation for the success of your manufacturing endeavors.



MICA SCRAP GRADE A: White mica scrap is generally found in Bihar region in mines like Bhana & Chatkari. White Mica is best suitable for the production of good quality Mica Paper & Board. Its Shine & Color makes it apt for the production of Paper & Board. White Mica Scrap is a specialty of Bihar/Jharkhand.

BLACK MICA SCRAP: We also manufacture black mica scarp in different sizes from ½ inch to 4 inch

MIXED MICA SCRAP: This is grade B Mica Scrap. It has various grades and qualities scrap mixed in it

GREEN MICA SCRAP: It is also used to manufacture Mica paper and Mica Board and can be used in flooring and also decorative purpose

GREEN MICA SCRAP GRADE B: We also supply grade b green mica scrap.