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Mica Powder

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Get the best Mica Powder with ensured quality with precision and dedication. We prioritize meticulous care and precaution to preserve its natural brilliance, color, and properties. Our state-of-the-art factories boast the latest pulverizers, ensuring the highest quality.

 Mica Powder  Mica Powder

There are three grades of MICA FLAKES which are normally used for specific purposes:

  • MICA COARSE FINE POWDER : Mica coarse fine powder 16-30 Mesh is used to manufacture Gypsum Board, Calcium Silicate Board, Metals Explosives and disinfectant.

  • MICA POWDER 60 MESH : We manufacture and export Mica Powder 60 Mesh (Medium Fine Powder) used widely in manufacturing Welding Electrodes. It is used for protective coatings and improves dielectric properties, electrical and mechanical strength.
    It is also used for Foundry works, pipeline, enamels, mastics, body lubricants, adhesive which Improves physical properties, anti-sag, reduce cracking

  • MICA POWDER 100 MESH : Mica Fine Powder 100 Mesh is used in Texture paints, Acoustical plasters, Ceiling tiles and it improves physical properties, architectural durability. Adhesion and Water proofing

  • MICA POWDER 325 MESH : Mica Super fine powder is used to manufacture Paints and it improves exterior durability, increase moisture resistance, flexibility, adhesion, etc.
    - It is used in Plastic industry and it improves thermal and dielectric properties, impact strength, imparts heat resistance.
    - It is also used in Rubber products including automotive tyres and paper industry to Prevents adhesion of rubber compound to the cores and outer sheaths during vulcanization and Provides stiffness, lower density and higher permeability

  • PRODUCT PACKAGING : Packed in 25/50 KG new PP Bags of High Quality, We can repack the packages as per customers requirement.