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Mica Flake
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Mica Flake

Mica Flake

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About this item:

Meticulously crafted from mica scrap and ground into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 20 mesh. This exceptional material is produced using advanced rotary hammer crushing machines, where the mica undergoes a rigorous process until the desired size is achieved. The final product is meticulously sieved through graded sieves to ensure unparalleled quality.

 Mica Flakes  Mica Flakes

Key Features:

1. Sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 20 mesh

2. Produced through rotary hammer crushing for precision

3. Graded sieves ensure consistent quality

4. Ideal for oil well drilling, Pearlescent Pigment manufacturing, Gypsum Board production, and more

There are three grades of MICA FLAKES which are normally used for specific purposes:

  • COARSE MICA FLAKES: It is used in the manufacture of pearlescent pigments (pearl luster pigments) which consists of natural mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide. It is also used also to manufacture Wet Ground Mica Powder and Mica Paper. This is available in three grades i.e. A, B and C

  • MEDIUM MICA FLAKES: It is effectively used in water-based oil well drilling operations as a mud additive chemical to prevent loss of circulation and seepage in loose formations

  • FINE MICA FLAKES: Suitable for use when a sealing agent is needed to be small enough to pass through a shaker screen without interfering with the operations. Widely used in manufacturing gypsum board, calcium silicate board and also used as a concrete block filler. High quality white Mica Flakes are used for bright and artificial snow impression, refractory bricks, asphalt roofing felts, metals explosives and disinfectant etc.

As a leading producer, we specialize in large volume production, ensuring a steady supply to meet the demands of your operations. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we are proud to be an ACP approved company by alibaba.com, assuring you of our reliability and adherence to industry standards.