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Muscovite Mica BlockMuscovite Mica BlockMuscovite Mica Block
Muscovite Mica Block
Muscovite Mica Block
Muscovite Mica Block

Muscovite Mica Block

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About this item:

Muscovite Mica Blocks of all sizes and qualities are available. Buy Mica Block from the most trusted supplier of Mica. 

 Muscovite Mica  Muscovite Mica

Discover the power of top-quality mica blocks with our carefully crafted sheets at Jalan Mica Exports. We've been a trusted supplier for over 50 years, delivering unmatched quality. We're proud to offer mica and products that meet industry standards.

Before exporting, we ensure quality and size grading. If you need green mica blocks, we're your go-to exporter, providing high-quality dark and light shades. We're also well-known as global exporters of ruby mica blocks.

Key Features:

1. Precision Crafting: Our mica blocks are scissor or knife dressed to perfection, ensuring a uniform thickness of 0.18 mm and unique irregular shapes for versatile applications.

2. Supreme Quality: As industry leaders, we prioritize quality, subjecting our mica blocks to rigorous quality and size grading processes before export, guaranteeing excellence in every shipment.

3. Green Mica Blocks: Explore the vibrant world of green mica blocks with us. As renowned green mica blocks exporters, we offer a spectrum of high-quality dark and light shades, perfect for various creative and industrial uses.

4. Global Recognition: Trusted globally, we are not just prominent green mica blocks exporters; our reputation extends to being recognized among the top ruby mica blocks exporters worldwide.


  Area of minimum Rectangle Minimum dimension of one side
ASTM Grade size Sq. In. Equivalent Sq Cm Inch Cm
OOEE Special 100 650 4 10.0
OOE Special 80 520 4 10.0
EE Special 60 390 4 10.0
E Special 48 310 4 10.0
A-1 (Special) 36 235 8.8
No. 1 24 155 3 8.8
No. 2 15 97 2 5.0
No. 3 10 65 2 5.0
No. 4 6 40 3.8
No. 5 3 20 1 2.5
No. 5½ 15 7/8 2.2
No. 6 1 6.5 ¾ 1.9